This is Audrey.
She's in a bucket.

Design isn't just about the moving pixels and completing tasks.

I guide pixels and thought.

There is more to leading ux than banging two rocks together.

They did it themselves.

Funny thing about leadership.. do it right and the team doesn't realize you were there.

I build teams and weave ux strategy.

This is my sandbox, soapbox, and playground.


"In working with Thomas on several large projects, I have learned a lot from his focus on the user and his emphasis on building software around their experience. His attention to details that matter, inclination towards simplicity for usability's sake, and ability to listen to users and engineers and keep the concerns of both in mind, make him a great asset to any project."

− Mark Muday -- Senior Software Engineer, TaskEasy

"Thomas is one of the best designers I know. Don't take that lightly - because I have worked with quite a few of them, and poured over hundreds of UX portfolios. Not only is Thomas an excellent designer (who asks all the right questions and creates exceptionally well thought-out deliverables), he also took time to mentor me, and help me to become a better visual designer and interaction designer. It's rare to find a great designer that has the foresight and humility to help others become great as well. Thomas is an asset to any team."

− Kris Niles -- Director of Product, InVision

"Thomas excels at motivating team members in the face of challenges. He is a natural mentor and will go to extreme lengths to do the right thing. Capable managers like him are instrumental in acquiring, growing and developing talent, especially for User Experience Design teams in mid to large level organizations."

− Amar Khanna -- Lead Product Designer, Citrix

"Thomas and I worked very closely on all aspects of the business at threePop. His dedication to product quality is amazing. Thomas has the ability to manage competing value perspectives and negotiate the very best results. His presence on any project -- leadership, advisory, or hands-on -- is extremely valuable."

− Damon Brinson -- Attorney, Bowman and Brooke LLP